Beginning with the foundation of Al Omran Company more than fifteen years ago, our target was to develop a comprehensive strategy for real estate investment depending on sophisticated ideas and modern technical studies that cope with, keep pace with the real estate development and is not limited to the theory of sale, purchase and making profits but providing distinguished ideas, unique sites and marvelous engineering designs which fit aspirations and senses of our dear customers in having a modern house with technical specifications of high quality, which we managed to achieve through all those previous years thanks to God.

Our Vision:

Continuance of providing all what is distinctive and unique of new and elegant designs that have a positive impact on our communities to raise the quality of construction and real estate investment in Egypt through the use of artistic creativity approach and intellectual capital strength.

Our Target:

Achieving persistent innovation to design and construct residential, commercial, administrative and recreational projects for our special customers in addition to performing our duty towards the community being the first partner in our success through provision of job opportunities that fit various projects and specializations of the Company.