• Finishing Specifications of Entrances and Public Services:

    1. Whole entrances of the project are made of imported marble and equipped with all the necessary decorations which emphasize magnificence of the Project.
    2. Corridor and stairs are made of luxurious granite.
    3. Elevators are of (Mitsubishi) brand with a capacity of (6) persons; (2 elevators) for each building
    4. External façades of the Project are designed in modern styles and sophisticated cladding
    5. Two-story garage at the whole project level to accommodate the needs of our dear customers
    6. Water lifting units are automatic
  • External Windows:

    1. External windows are made of imported (Valve) or (Egybel) aluminum, double and reflecting glazing (Femih) – the sections are of (Jumbo) type and equipped with a wired shutter.
  • Floorings:

    1. Halls and Corridors are made of imported marble, porcelain or oak wood to be selected upon preference.
    2. Rooms floorings are made of beech parquet or European (H. D. F).
  • Walls:

    1. Whole walls are painted with acrylic plastic (SCIB or Jotun) and with execution of decorative walls (Sponge) up to 25% of the walls are in colors to be selected upon preference.
  • Ceilings:

    1. Ceilings of the units are inlaid with luxurious cornices of (Fiottik) type.
    2. Extra cornice (indirect lighting) for the reception.
  • Kitchen and Bathrooms Specifications:

    1. Floorings and walls are of first-class luxurious ceramics (Gemma or Royal) and are inlaid with balstaylo upon preference.
    2. Bathroom sets (Ideal Standard or Jacob)
    3. Mixers (Grohe) or (HANZ) (Hand Mixer)
    4. Large stainless kitchen sink (FRANKE)
  • Doors:

    1. External doors of the residential units are made of oak wood.
    2. Internal doors are made of Swedish wood (scrubbed lacquer finish)
  • Electrical and Communication Works:

    1. (T.V) outlet for each room
    2. (NET) outlet for each room
    3. Central dish antenna outlet for each room
    4. (TEL) outlet for each room
    5. Electricity (Power) outlets distributed in each room
    6. Intercom (video) in each residential unit
    7. Additional Intercom (audio) in each residential unit
    8. Electric extractor fan in the kitchen of each residential unit
    9. A connection for a dishwasher in each residential unit
    10. A connection for a washing machine in the kitchen or the bathroom of each residential unit upon the preference of the customer
    11. All materials are of Bticino type
    12. Conditioning fittings and links for all rooms and the reception.